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Wedding Blessing

By July 31, 2018Poem, Wedding

We are here to celebrate the joining of Kevin and Grace

As they stand and make vows before they embrace.

It has been a full four years since they began to court.

You may know the two of them are a very special sort.

Teaching kids about the Lord ‘fore riding on dirt bikes

An important team ministry of this new family – the Lykes.

Growing up, each learned from teaching done at home

Surrounded by siblings as classmates, they were never alone.

They will live together in a house Kevin’s redone

Where they will begin their new adventures and their fun.

Grace now works in a school as a teacher’s aide

Working on community roads is how Kevin gets paid.

Job titles, however, will not grant full depiction

For both hold their faith with a strong conviction.

As you witness the moment their vows and rings are traded

Keep watch to know that God’s love never will be faded.

You have come to take part in this wonderful wedding

Yet, our hope is the best presents that they are getting

Is your continued support through words and through prayer

And your strengthened bonds which show that you care.

So, lift up this family – young Grace and young Kevin

Pray for them while you are on this side of heaven.

Love this young couple who now are husband and wife

As they continue their journey throughout their joined life.

You will bless them richly as you continue to pray

And may God bless you abundantly all of your days.

Scott Sempier

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