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The Groom

By September 5, 2018Poem, Wedding

The Groom

You now commit to her your life

You’ll treat her like a royal.

As she agrees to be your wife

You will be true and loyal.

Susan, she has has won your heart

With beauty out and in.

You’ll team up from the very start

Just as you were destined.

This great woman brings along

A most enchanting jewel.

A girl who’ll make you sing glad songs

Or you’d be quite a fool.

Amelia is a super lass

With you, she’s formed a bond.

She’s smart and sweet and has some sass

Of you she’s very fond.

As you form your new family

With challenges ahead

May you face them happily

Not filled with fear or dread.

You’ll encounter ups and downs

But, you’ll do it together.

When you have your smiles and frowns,

You’ll endure any weather.

As you begin your lives anew

Things won’t always go as planned.

But you will know just what to do

Heart-to-heart and hand-in-hand.

Scott Sempier

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