Twentieth Reunion

Ninety-eight, we hold so close ’cause it was quite a year.

We entered into our futures facing much fun and fear.

We went throughout our high school years without cellular phones.

But, thanks to all our childhood friends we never felt alone.

We grew up listening to tapes and to CD’s.

We never had a concept of the new thing – mp3s.

Before September 11th, before that Y2K.

We look really old when we say, “Back in our day.”

But, the 90’s were so awesome. Ask anybody here.

It was quite a decade that we all hold dear.

In ‘94, we started out.  Baseball had a strike.

Owners withheld money which the players didn’t like.

In sophomore year, we heard news that OJ was acquitted.

He later wrote a book it said, “Here’s How I Did it.”

In the Summer of 1996, Atlanta hosted The Games.

Shannon Miller and Kerri Strug were big gymnastics names.

As juniors, we were introduced to Girls who went by Spice.

Their poppy sounds and fresh looks would teenagers entice.

In senior year, Titanic’s big; our licenses to drive.

The future loomed ahead for us. It beckoned us to thrive.

Before we went our separate ways, on the seventeenth of June

We gathered on the lawn that day. Our futures would come soon.

Jen Hepps spoke about success and coupled it with danger.

Howie Jastrow spewed out numbers.  In entertainment, he’s no stranger.

Other classmates gave a speech like Eric and Eugene.

Doling out some wisdom which we’d be smart to glean.

We threw our caps to celebrate that high school was now done.

We then went to the racquet club to have some all night fun.

And then, we went our separate ways to college and what have you.

We reconvened in 20 years to see how much we all grew.

The night was loud, the venue fancy excitement ever brewing.

We were glad to meet old friends to see how they were doing.

We shared the joys and struggles of two decades in the past.

And when we reconnected, it happened very fast.

We ate dinner – buffet style reminded of a man.

Who spoke to us our freshman year and brought forth a plan.

Embrace this school and partake of the best there is to offer.

Find out what you like the best and please don’t be a scoffer.

This very man, retired now, joined us at our party.

Gave a handshake or a hug ’twas genuine and hearty.

After dining on great food, we met for crazy pictures.

We gathered up our old school groups with nary any strictures.

We floated, then, from group to group, excited to see old faces.

Asking what they’ve done in life living in different places.

The night continued merrily, but ended much too quickly.

We hoped that no one drank too much or enough to make him sickly.

But as we went our separate ways, most faces adorned with smiles.

Glad to see so many friends though distanced by years and miles.

We’re hoping for another party – in years, like five or ten.

I know that I will be there.  Just tell me where and when.

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