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By: Scott L. Sempier

You carried me for the first nine months
Even though I gave you gas
You waited for me to get things done
When I wasn’t very fast.
You taught me what you knew of love
You made people feel good.
To put a smile on someone’s face
You did everything you could.
As I think of your seventy years –
The many roles you played,
There’s nothing more powerful
Than the foundation that you laid.
Helping people find some work
Or working at the bank.
Your service you gave to others
Rarely came with “Thanks.”
How you cared for your parents,
In their remaining years,
Shows the depths of your continuing love,
Elicits emotional tears.
And now as you receive the care
Through your husband’s faithful love,
You appreciate the man he is
And our God who’s up above.
To celebrate the life you’ve lived
And seven decades past,
Your life has pointed to our God
Whose love is deep and vast.
The most important job you’ve done
Was shared God’s love and joy –
Whether we were nice to you
Or when you got annoyed.
‘Twas you who carried me the first nine months
God’s the One who carries me still.
The blessings of His love shine through you
Always has and always will.

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