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By July 31, 2018In Honor, Poem


Her face is framed by loping brown waves

She gives me a playful smile

It is a delight to see how she behaves

So, I will observe her a while.

Her beauty’s as treasured as a porcelain doll

Long ago, she captured my heart.

When we’re together, we dance at a ball

And I hope I remember my part.

Such a young lass fills me up with glee

That no picture can quite capture

The remarkable, wonderful, beautiful she

Who has her grandpa enraptured.

Here she stands in front of a stone angel’s wings

Her joy evident wherever she goes

And it’s true that she makes Grandpa’s heart sing

With a love God only knows

In this moment, I do the best that I can

To record the happiest of times

For, I am but a simple man

But am always so glad that she’s mine.

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