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Christmas Poem IV

By November 15, 2018Christmas, Poem

Changes abounded in 2018,

If you haven’t kept up, well, you’ll see what we mean.

On March the 6th, we met Emma by name,

And our lives since then haven’t been quite the same.

She has blossomed – really grown very large.

Sometimes her crying makes her seem in charge.

Gabriel, 5, he reads and can write.

We may be his parents, but we think he’s bright.

In October, Frank from his pulpit stepped away,

And focuses more on the family each day.

Candace continues to make our house home,

And flourishes in making God’s love ever known.

As this note reaches you ’bout Christmastime,

Remember Jesus in prose or in rhyme.

Our God came to earth – Immanuel,

To save us by grace from the depths of Hell.

God loves us so much – that is very true.

And rest assured that we love you too.

Scott Sempier

Author Scott Sempier

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