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Christmas Poem I

By November 15, 2018Christmas, Poem

The calendar turns. Another year passes.
And so, we now write again to our masses.
Enjoy as you read our year in review.
There’s much that’s been done ~ a lot of them new.
At first Benedict could do, well nothing but sit.
And now, he can sit for only a bit.
Hes crawling. He’s walking. He’s running now too!
How we keep up, we haven’t a clue.
While Joe has been preaching to many of God’s people,
This year he’ll be doing it mostly under one steeple.
Faith has been busy with work and the gym,
And taking our favorite toddler to swim.
Benedict’s gained more relatives, too!
A cousin and uncle were added, it’s true.
We’re excited to see what God has in store,
For the decade to come and for our evermore.
May God ever bless you in this new year,
And the joy of Christ bring lots of good cheer.

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