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Kerry’s Baby Shower

Oh what a wondrous journey of joy!
To be blessed with a newborn baby boy.
As you embark on your life-long role as mother,
Your son will look to you like none other.
Soon, you will hear the gurgles and squeals
Of a sweet new life which has great appeal.
With bright young eyes taking in what he’s learning
And little hands grabbing for what he is yearning,
You’ll enjoy how greatly you are blessed
Even on days you go without rest.
As the days pass by and grow into years,
You’ll kiss away his fresh boo-boo tears.
You’ll raise him with love; he’ll grow into a man.
With Mike, you’ll do the best that you can.
But, for now, just enjoy each special day
As he tugs on your heart-strings in every which way.
He’ll be so glad to have Mom who’s a nurse
Who teaches the difference between best and worst.
Enjoy this great time, our own dear Kerry.
We wish you adventure that’s lively and merry.
So, from your work family at Thompson – 3T,
We give you best wishes – the best that can be.
So leave for maternity – out, we will shove.
But, go with our deepest affection and love.
Go with love that comes from deep in our hearts.
May great love embrace your son from the start.

Scott Sempier

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