Words for your speechless moments.

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My Story

I’m Scott Sempier and I love to listen to people’s stories. Through All Occasions Writing, the service that I offer is very personal. People welcome me into their benchmark moments in life in order to help them celebrate and to grieve. Considering that, I want to share with you my personal story.

My Triumphs

I have enjoyed great celebrations in my life. I earned Eagle Scout, graduated three times, gotten married, enjoyed career success – as a pastor and chaplain, purchased a home, and, most importantly, am raising my family with my wife and high school sweetheart.

My Trials

Interspersed in my life, of course, have been moments of tremendous grief. I have suffered from joblessness, abuse, and loss of loved ones – notably my grandfather and mother.

The Power of Expression

I have always considered life – and all of life’s moments – to be full of art and beauty. My best expression of art and beauty has always been through written words.
The joy of triumph elicits powerful words. Artful expression brings healing in the midst of great trials.

How All Occasions Writing Began

As a pastor and chaplain, thousands of people have allowed me into their lives for the most joyous occasions – weddings, births and baptisms – as well as their most heart-wrenching episodes – imprisonment, sicknesses and death. The privilege of serving so many people has had a profound effect on me. I am proud to continue to serve clients by guiding expression through written word and an offer of friendship in vulnerable times.


Words for your speechless moments.

Poetry | Prose | Parodies

All Occasions Writing - Words for Your Speechless Moments